Wine Review – Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut Sparkling – 2013 Henry of Pelham Estate Riesling

Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut Sparkling – Vintages 206326 – $30.95 – **** – This is the second visit to vintages for 2017 and I’m excited to see this hitting the shelf heading into fall. The price has crept up by a couple dollars but this is still outstanding value. There’s a nice bready note that climbs out of the glass. Granny Smith Apple and Lime follow the yeasty notes. When you take your first taste of this wine you’re greeted with bright notes of everything from the nose but when you get to your second and third sips the depth of this wine really starts to come through. There are hints of vanilla, and almost a nuttiness that try to poke their way through all the fresh fruit flavours. Still worth going out of your way to track down a bottle or two to enjoy over the next few months.

2013 Henry of Pelham Estate Riesling – Vintages 557165 – $17.95 – ****+ – This is a textbook example of what’s great about Ontario Riesling. Great Mineral – Check, Nice Fruit flavours – Check, Great balance with sweetness and acidity – Check. When you hit all those boxes you end up with a wine that’s fresh and easy drinking. What’s great about a wine like this is it’s versatility with food around the fall. To be honest, I would pair this with anything except a roast piece of red meat – I can see this at home next to Turkey (obviously) or a heartier stew.

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