Summer Comes In A Can

Joiy – LCBO 486456 – $4.85 – **** – How good can wine from a can actually be? I mean, to a hardened snob you have no varietal listed on the bottle. The only clue to what’s in the can is on the back which says that it’s made with 40% Australian wine and 60% New Zealand wine. The varietal is Riesling, but it’s not important. For the people at Joiy they are making a can of wine that is gulpable but still “serious” wine. There is a bit of sweetness and nice balance with the citrus flavours. What’s remarkable about this little can of wine is that it is just as well at home on a patio right out of the can or if you need to dress it up you can pour it in a proper wine glass for your celebrations in the summer.

When I had a chance to speak with the winemaker for Joiy he told me that the big picture goal is to establish Joiy as a global brand. So the goal is to have a product that is consistent and delicious. Is this as fine as a bottle of Champagne? Definitely not. But that is not the goal of what’s in the can. There’s enough snobbery in the wine world that we could all use a little more Joiy in it. The current cans come from grapes grown in Australia and New Zealand but one day we may see this label on cans coming from Canada, or Germany who knows … but it will be exciting to see how this brand progresses.

Social Lite Pineapple Mango – $9.95 (4 x 355ml) – The latest offering from Social Lite is a welcome new addition to the shelf of the LCBO for summer. I really enjoyed this canned cocktail when I tasted it last year. The pineapple mango flavour is refreshing and and slightly sweet as it is naturally sweetened with pineapple and mango flavours. The flavours in this can are fresh and clean. In a market where coolers are usually sweet and cloying this is a breath of fresh air. Each can is only 80 calories (if you’re worried about that sort of thing), it’s light and easy drinking. I can picture this on a patio on a very hot day.

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