Aug 19 – 2014 Lighthall Progression – 2014 Norman Hardie County Unfiltered Pinot Noir

2014 Lighthall Progression – Vintages 468090 – $20.00 – **** – This is the perfect bubbly for the patio. The nose is bright clean citrus. The flavours are citrus with white flower. There is nothing too complicated about this wine, it just tastes good. The finish is clean and crisp just like you would expect from a well put together sparkling wine. Now for the interesting part, this wine is made with vidal. The grape that is used to make Icewine is finding a home in sparkling wine in Prince Edward County. We now have fantastic value sparkling wines coming from Hinterland and Lighthall made with this grape. Don’t let the price on this wine fool you, this is a fantastic wine to open regardless of the occasion. However, given the fact that this can pair with just about anything you want to put on the table there really is no reason to keep this bottled up.

2014 Norman Hardie County Unfiltered Pinot Noir – Vintages 125310 – $45.20 – The nose on this wine is perfumed with lots of violet climbing out of the glass, buried underneath all those flowers you find ripe cherry. Honestly if you aren’t taking a minute to absorb the nose on this wine before your first sip, you’re doing it wrong. When you take your first sip you are greeted with the nose in reverse with fresh cherry taking over your palate and violet flavours that fill your whole mouth, Beautiful acidity keeps this light on the palate and a nice long elegant floral finish. Simply put this wine is fantastic and may be the best County Pinot Norm has made to date.

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