2015 Dim Wine Co. Edgewater Riesling

2015 Dim Wine Co. Edgewater Riesling – $19.95 – **** – It’s always exciting to see a new label enter the market in Ontario. It’s even more exciting when the wines are good. The Dim Wine Co. has released their initial Edgewater Riesling through Rockway. With beautiful aromas of lime and golden delicious apple and a nice mineral note that seems to envelope the orchard full of fruit. The flavours match the nose with great concentration. The intensity of the flavour is really impressive and at the same time ephemeral as these fruit flavours are met with bright crisp acidity keeping the palate refreshed. There is a hint of sweetness that helps to keep the fruit vibrant and fresh but it is perfectly balanced. This wine is well made and on a hot day it will be downright gulpable on a patio.

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