Wine Review – 2016 Norman Hardie Niagara Pinot Noir

2016 Norman Hardie Niagara Pinot Noir – $45.00 – ****½ – 2016 was a very hot vintage. A lot of wine glasses are waiting in anticipation for great Ontario Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon… but what does this mean for us Pinot lovers? Regardless of vintage Norm manages to deliver beautifully complex wines. The aromas are deeply floral with a nice earthiness layered over black cherry. The palate is beautifully concentrated with nice cherry and just a hint of earthiness on the finish. This may be the best Niagara Pinot I have yet tasted and I am looking forward to more. This wine is approachable from the onset but give it a few years in a cellar the acidity will relax and the fruit should come forward.

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