Southbrook 2012 Wild Ferment Chardonnay

2012 Southbrook Wild Ferment Chardonnay – ****+ – $34.95 – Curiously Southbrook has released their 2012 Wild Ferment after the release of their 2013. Coming from the very warm 2012 summer this is a very different wine from the more subtle 2013 Chardonnay’s coming from Southbrook. Bolder, and bigger with fruit pushing to the edge of tropical. It does feel as though this wine was tamed in the barrel. There are aromas of pineapple and vanilla off the nose but it’s as though they are being restrained to allow peaches, apples and orange to work their way through. Everything about this wine is refined and balanced, but there are wisps of a funk that works its way through all the flavours and aromas. Even though you can taste the heat of the warm summer the acids are perfectly in check on this wine and you’re left with a long finish of peaches and vanilla.

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