Kacaba Spring Roundup

2014 Terraced Vineyard Syrah – $29.95 – ****1/2 – Whispers of soft white and black pepper work their way out of the glass and layer over soft red fruit. This is elegant and well balanced. Perfectly ripe fruit unravels on the palate with a hint of smoke peeking through on the finish. This is the definition of elegance, while you savor this wine it feels like a caress in your mouth. The wine finishes just as elegant as it starts leaving notes of pepper that linger in the mouth long after the wine is gone.

2014 Proprietor’s Block – $29.95 – ***** – When you bring your nose to the glass it will be impossible to not raise your eyebrows. There is a nice intensity of fruit in this bottle with cherry, strawberry and plum but the signature pepper note is still there. The fruit on the palate is juicy and fills your mouth from cheek to cheek. There is a slight licorice note that is unexpected and exciting that works its way in with the fruit. The tannin is approachable after opening but you should make some room in your cellar for the next 3-5 years to enjoy this wine. You could pair this wine with roasted or grilled red meats, but there is nothing wrong with enjoy this wine on its own.

2016 Unoaked Chardonnay – LCBO 326975 – $14.95 – **** – This wine has captured the warmth of the dry, hot 2016 summer and put it in a bottle. The fruit is very ripe peach and golden delicious apple on the nose. There is a nice intensity to the fruit on the palate. This wine pushes right up on tropical fruit with hints of pineapple and orange layered over the typical niagara orchard fruit. The beautiful acidity keeps this wine light on the palate and refreshing. There is also a fantastic mineral note that goes from nose to finish. I realize it’s early into 2017 but this is the first patio sipper of the year and even though this is very food friendly I anticipate enjoying this wine on my first warm day of the spring outside.

2015 Cabernet – LCBO 499384 – $15.95 – **** – This is a juicy and ripe Cabernet. The 2015 growing season got a bit of a boost from an extended fall in an otherwise fairly typical Ontario summer. The nose is Cocoa powder, Blueberry, plum and blackberry. The flavours match the nose with nice concentration and a plush juicy texture. This wine is really all about the fruit but nice depth with this cocoa note that lingers on the finish. The tannin is soft and approachable.

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