2011 Eastdell Cuvée Brut – 2015 Peninsula Ridge Reserve Meritage

2011 Eastdell Cuvée Brut – Vintages 485615 – $24.95 – ***½ – I personally find it a little exciting when a new bottle of sparkling wine from Ontario makes its way up the highway and onto the shelves of the LCBO. This is a traditional method sparkling wine made from a blend of 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay. This is very easy drinking and relaxed. The wine has a nice aroma of rising dough with granny smith apple and lime. Flavours match the nose and something about the granny smith apple note lingers a little bit on the finish of this wine. The acidity to this wine is bright and crisp and without mincing words it drinks easy. This is a welcomed addition to the bottles of great sparkling wine from Ontario.

2015 Peninsula Ridge Reserve Meritage – Vintages 299180 – $24.95 – ****+ – This is a blend of 57% Merlot and 43% Cabernet Sauvignon. There is so much going on in this bottle with ripe strawberry, cherry, cassis and blackberry that caress the palate and seem to open up and reveal more fruit. The tannin is smooth and already very approachable right now, but this does have nice structure and should do well for 3-7 years in a cellar. The bottom line about this wine is it creates a dilemma for you. This is priced so well and drinking so great it’s something that I plan on enjoying in its youth but it will be interesting to see how it will evolve over a few years. The dilemma is created because this is very well priced and handily over delivers. Expect me to open this with a nice steak.

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