Wine Review – Chateau des Charmes for Christmas

2016 Chateau des Charmes Barrel Fermented Chardonnay – LCBO 81653 – $14.95 – **** – This wine continues to over-deliver on price and lead the way for what is possible for entry level Chardonnay from Ontario. The wines that take place in the general list are extremely important – these wines need to be good enough to convince people to head to the vintages section to spend a few more dollars. If this is what we have occupying the front of the store we are in good hands. The aromas are pear, honeydew and peach with a nice vanilla note. On the palate this is light, but brings a nice note of spice and vanilla. This wine finishes with nice acidity keeping the palate clean and making this extremely food friendly – that being said it’s hard to be a nice Chardonnay with some creamy pasta.

2015 Chateau des Charmes Pinot Noir – LCBO 454967 – $16.95 – ***½ – A little rough around the edges – but that’s okay. The nose offers blackberry and cherry with nice intensity. This wine medium bodied, but clearly designed to match with some food. The tannin is still a little grippy as of right now, but in a year this should mellow out. There is a nice earthiness on the finish that you should expect from a Niagar on the Lake Pinot Noir. I imagine seeing this on my table through the winter next to roast chicken, duck, or roast beef.

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