Wine Review – 2016 Charles Baker B-Side Riesling – 2016 13th Street Cabernet/Merlot

2016 Charles Baker B-Side Riesling – Vintages 523845 – $22.20 – **** – When U2 released “Where the Streets Have No Name” the b-side to that single was “The Sweetest Thing”. This feels like a literal interpretation of that release. The other side of the record would be Picone or Ivan a statement that’s a little more austere and hard hitting. The B-Side is a little softer and off-dry that lets the fruit really shine through. Golden delicious apple and lime are on the nose and on the palate and a mineral note starts to peek through on the finish. Even with the sweetness in the glass this wine is still made with great acidity to keep it from being cloying. Perfectly accessible at this price point there is no excuse to hold off rushing out to grab a bottle of this wine.

2016 13th Street Cabernet/Merlot – Vintages 56598 – $19.95 – **** – The 2016 summer is firmly in the rear view mirror and it feels like we have suffered the weather since then – Do not despair some of that summer has been captured in this bottle and the timing for this release couldn’t be better. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot bring bring raspberry, strawberry and ripe red cherry to the nose and the palate. This wine is definitely driven by the fruit flavours but it is met with a cedar and cocoa note as you get deeper into the glass and bottle. Expect to find this in my house next to roast or stewed meats – or pretending that it’s still summer next to something off the grill (for some of us BBQ season is year round even in this cold)

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