Wine Review – 2013 Westcott Estate Pinot Noir – 2015 Hidden Bench Riesling

2015 Hidden Bench Riesling – Vintages 183491 – $23.95 – **** – There’s something about Riesling and this time of year. I just enjoy putting it on the table next to roast chicken, paprikash, even Coq au Vin can get a nice counterpoint to it. This is bone dry with nice orchard fruit that soars over bright acidity. This is a perfect example of balanced Riesling and offers great value. Something to enjoy now or pick up a bottle to set aside for a few years down the road.

2013 Westcott Estate Pinot Noir – Vintages 427500 – $30.00 – **** – This is nice and earthy, a little rough around the edges, and well balanced with fruit. When you take your first sip of this wine it opens up with a rich floral note that grabs hold of every part of your mouth and won’t let go. The cherry note soars above the earth and violet note and there is a nice acidity to round out the package. Pinot like this belongs on the table next to duck or Coq au vin.

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