Wine Review – 2012 Henry of Pelham Carte Blanche

2012 Henry of Pelham Carte Blanche – $44.95 – ****½ – Cuvée Catherine Sparkling from Henry of Pelham is a benchmark for Sparkling wine in the province. It would seem the Speck brothers aren’t content with setting the bar without exceeding it themselves. The nose offers a hint of vanilla, orchard fruit, bright citrus notes and rising pizza dough. On the palate this opens up with a slight creaminess and it fills your mouth from cheek to cheek with lemon, peach and golden delicious apple. Bright crisp acidity keeps the palate cleansed but the creaminess on the palate lingers with such subtlety it leaves you in anticipation of your next sip. Just under forty five dollars this does make it one of the more expensive bottles in the province, but compared to french counterparts this is a friggin’ steal and easily on par with entry level Champagne in terms of quality.

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