Kacaba – Summer 2017

2016 Susan’s Sauvignon Blanc – $18.15 – ***½+ – A nice grassiness is mingled in over bright citrus notes. Sauvignon Blanc will never be as recognized as Riesling or Chardonnay in the province, but it’s certainly not something that should be overlooked. It’s food friendly and pops with a bit more fruit on the palate than Pinot Gris. In this bottle there is a mineral note that is perfectly integrated with bright citrus fruit. The acidity keeps this light on the palate and makes this a great wine to pair with seafood.

2016 Jennifer’s Pinot Gris – $18.15 – ***½+ – The story that makes this wine interesting is the weighty mouth feel. The flavours of apple and peach are subtle, but as the wine sits on your palate these flavours open up and take hold. This is something that you could enjoy on a patio or pair it with just about anything but red meats. In general, Pinot Gris is affable and crowd pleasing so this is something to pick up to match with any large get togethers and share.

2016 Rebecca Rosé – Vintages 227025 – $18.15 – **** – This is everything you could want from a great rosé for the spring. There are great concentrated watermelon and strawberry aromas that climb out of the glass. On the palate this wine is mated with just a kiss of sweetness that keeps the fruit vibrant and fresh. Perfect acidity brings up the finish keeping this light and even with the slight sweetness to the fruit this finishes dry. This bottle is versatile enough that it can pair with just about anything you put on the table next to it from spring salad to grilled meats.

2015 Reserve Cabernet Franc – $45.15 – **** – This bottle comes with a facelift on the label. The black label is definitely something that catches the eye. But how does the wine taste? This wine is a great reflection of the 2015 growing season. A fairly typical summer was met with an extended fall that let the fruit ripen beautifully. The aromas are very typical of Cabernet Franc with raspberry and blackberry with a hint of bell pepper. On the palate this wine opens up with beautiful concentration and nice ripeness to the fruit with a hint of savory that keeps poking it’s head through. But wait, there’s more with hints of smoke and cocoa that help bring up the finish on this wine. This is drinking great now, but this should develop nicely in a cellar for 3-5 years.

2015 Meritage – $25.15 – **** – I remember discovering Kacaba by enjoying their Meritage that was available in the general list of the LCBO. This must have been ten years ago. The blend in this bottle is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Merlot. A great bottle that is approachable now with velvet tannin and very ripe fruit. There is a hint of savory rounding out the edges of this wine. This is a perfect bottle for barbequed red meats for the summer. I’m sure this will develop nicely in a cellar for 3-5 years but in this household expect this bottle to be enjoyed in its youth. The fresh fruit flavours are meant to be savoured sooner rather than later. There really isn’t anything wrong with that given the quality of the reserve wines from Kacaba for the same vintage.

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