Flat Rock – (Spring 2017)

2016 Flat Rock Pink Twisted – Vintages 39974 – $16.95 – ****+ – This screams summer as watermelon and raspberry make appearances in the glass. I hesitate to use the word “serious” to describe this wine, but there is nothing more serious and versatile at your table than a well balanced bottle of rosé. When you let this open up on the palate the fruit is raspberry, cherry, cranberry, watermelon and a bit of citrus tossed into the mix. This will pair with just about anything you can put on the table next to it. This is a dry rosé with just a hint of sweetness, but great acidity keeps it light and refreshing.

2010 Flat Rock Riddled Sparkling – $30.15 – Vintages 383315 – ****+ – Sealed with a crown cap we have another bottle of unassuming sparkling wine available for the masses. Aromas of baking bread and Granny Smith apple rise out of the glass. But what makes this wine special is the concentration of the fruit is intense and satisfying. The bright crisp acidity greets your palate exactly how you would expect from great sparkling wine, but the concentration from that aromas cut straight through the citrus flavours and bring an apple orchard to your mouth. In short this is a great bottle of bubbles.

2015 Flat Rock Riesling – $17.95 – Vintages 43281 – ****+ – The alcohol one this wine comes in at 9.5% and as we get into the warmer weather this is a beautiful bottle to include on the patio. There is some sweetness in this wine but it’s perfectly balanced with acidity. This wine is the complete package when it comes to everything that’s right in Ontario today. This is so well priced that you can enjoy this frequently with your summer barbeque or picnics. The sweetness to this wine really helps orchard fruit soar over citrus notes and a nice mineral note that pokes through on the finish. This is a great bottle to add to cellar as this should evolve nicely over a decade (or more).

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