Vieni Momenti Extra Dry Sparkling Rosé – 2013 Wildass Red

Vieni Momenti Extra Dry Sparkling Rosé – Vintages 486357 – $16.95 – ***½+ – The bottle says extra dry, but you will be doing a double take when you take your first nose of the wine in your glass. This smells like candied strawberry, and cherry – Everything about the aroma of this wine screams sweet and light. This is clearly designed to be enjoyed on a patio in the summer… and then you take your first sip and bright crisp acidity turns this into a food friendly powerhouse. The red fruit will gives this enough depth to sit on the table next to your steak or ribs. Stock up and enjoy this wine throughout the spring and summer.

2013 Wildass Red – Vintages 86363 – $19.95 – ****+ – The fruit is so juicy and ripe on the nose of this wine it oozes strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. The tannin is smooth and approachable, but if you’re looking for a place to start or maybe bolster your existing cellar this should evolve nicely over the next 5-7 years. The Wildass wines continue to over-deliver on their price point while remaining gulpable upon opening. I anticipate enjoying this wine as long as I can get it from the local vintages section because I don’t anticipate this remaining on the shelves for long.

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