KEW Vineyards – Spring 2017

I can’t believe I have never taken the time to stop by Kew vineyards. The wines that do make their way through the LCBO are always worth picking up. The few times I have had the opportunity to taste the sparkling wines have been eyebrow raising (and not just one … both). So tasting through the solid portfolio at this winery is worth the visit but given the fact that the broad sparkling portfolio is priced across the board at $29.95 it will be a challenge to leave this place with only one bottle.

2010 Rosalie – $29.95 – ****½ – This is a six years on lees sparkling with toasted wonder bread with a slight raspberry note. I find often with sparkling Rosé from Ontario that the red fruit can end up buried under the bright acidity. This is not the case with this wine. The red fruit note moves from subtle on the nose to intense on the palate. This wine opens up on the palate with an intensity like a firework exploding in your mouth. As if the depth of this wine from the bready note and fruit wasn’t enough there is a beautiful mineral note that goes from nose to finish leaving the palate refreshed but with a satisfying memory of your last sip.

2014 Brut Natur Pinot Meunier – $29.95 – ***½ – There is a note of fresh rising dough ready to head to the oven that builds anticipation before your first sip of this wine. When you take this sip is brings a lot of citrus to the palate and leaves a the palate clean and refreshed with nice acidity. There is a nice mineral note that lingers on the finish but the palate stays refreshed.

2012 Tradition – $29.95 – ****+ – Baking bread and lemon drop is on the nose of this bottle. There is nice depth to this wine as a note of subtle vanilla opens up on the mid palate. The acidity cuts through the vanilla note and leaves the palate anticipating your next sip. Simply put this is a great bottle of traditional method sparkling wine and a great benchmark to show that you don’t need to spend 50 bucks to get a good bottle of Champagne quality bubbles.


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