April 18 – 2014 Flat Rock Pink Twisted – 2013 Featherstone Gewurztraminer

2014 Flat Rock Pink Twisted – Vintages 39974 – $16.95 – **** – When you put your glass to your face and get aromas of swedish berries and fuzzy peaches you’re going to expect this wine to be sweet … but it isn’t.  While the nose screams candy the flavours are raspberry and ripe red cherry.  The finish balances a touch of sugar with perfect palate cleansing acidity.  This is a medium bodied rosé that you can consider a swiss army knife when you’re pairing with food.  This has the depth to hold up to a steak just as well as if you paired this with a lighter pasta dish.  But there is nothing wrong with picking up a couple bottles and gulping this down on a patio on it’s own.

2013 Featherstone Gewurztraminer – Vintages 64592 – $19.95 – ***1/2+ – Before getting into the details about this wine we need to have a moment of silence because this is the last chance you will have to taste this wine.  The brutal winter in 2013 killed the gewurztraminer vineyard at Featherstone.  Gewurztraminer is often overlooked on the shelves because it’s hard to pronounce and spell but these wines go so well with with food that can be hard to match with wine like Sushi, Spicy Chinese, or Thai.  It has a heavy, almost oily texture in the mouth that screams Alsace.  The flavours are lighter and more refined Rosewater.  The finish is nice and clean with good acidity but thanks to the heavier mouthfeel the floral qualities of this wine will linger.